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Why it is important to walk your Aggie every day.

As we move into the second year of covid craziness, it is important to remember to take time for yourself and those around you. Too many of us have fallen into a pattern of hopelessness and despair. Isolating ourselves from everyone and everything that use to fill our very full lives. It’s times like these when it is most important to remember that it will get better, but we have to make it better by purposefully spending time with those we love.

As the First Lady of Aggieland since 1931 and the highest ranking cadet on campus, I know a little something about keeping my Aggies healthy. For me, it’s little walks around the campus with a few scritches for those who need to connect.

Each day my favorite Aggie and I venture out into Aggieland to smell the flowers and spread a little bit of joy around campus. It’s easy to social distance when you have hundreds of acres to explore, but I always try to rub up against those who need me most. You never know when a cold nose can make the difference to someone who’s feeling lost or alone.

And you don’t have to be in Aggieland to be a part of the Aggie spirit. I encourage everyone to stay connected wherever they are. Together, we can make it through this because we are the Aggies.

Meet Reveille IX

Reveille is known as the First Lady of Aggieland and is Texas A&M’s official mascot. There are many stories as to how the first Reveille came to campus, but the most widely accepted tale has it that Reveille first made her appearance in January 1931. While on their way back to campus from nearby Navasota, a group of cadets hit a small black and white dog with their vehicle. They picked up the dog and brought her back to their dorm to care for her, but since pets weren’t allowed on campus, the dog was carefully hidden. But the injured pup quickly blew her cover; the next morning, when “Reveille” was blown by a bugler to wake the cadets, the dog went wild barking, earning the name we know her by today.

During the following football season, Reveille I was officially named the mascot of Texas A&M when she led the band onto the field. Reveille I died on Jan. 18, 1944, after 13 years as the mascot. She was given a formal military funeral at Kyle Field, including a 21-gun salute. All of the deceased Reveilles, including Reveille I, are buried outside the north end of Kyle Field, where they have a special scoreboard so that they can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponents.

“I miss running across Kyle Field with the roar of the crowd in my ears and the wind in my fur. Looking forward to getting back to normal on campus.”

– Miss Rev

Before naming Reveille II, there were several other unofficial mascots, such as Tripod, Spot, and Ranger. Reveille II, a Shetland Sheepdog donated by a Texas A&M graduate, made her appearance on campus eight years after Reveille I passed away. Reveille III was the first full-blood Rough Collie, and every Reveille since then has belonged to that breed. The most current Reveille is Reveille IX, who was introduced in May 2015. Visit reveille.tamu.edu to learn more about the current First Lady of Aggieland.

Originally Reveille was given free reign of the campus. However, since 1960, she has been cared for by a Mascot Corporal, a sophomore cadet in Company E-2. The Mascot Corporal is chosen from within this unit each spring, and Reveille lives with the cadet for that year; she goes to class with him or her, out on dates, and even home for the holidays. The Mascot Corporal, in turn, escorts her to all of her functions and Aggie engagements.

Miss Rev, as she is affectionately known on campus, is the highest-ranking member in the Corps of Cadets and wears five silver diamonds (the Corps Commander only has four). That means if Miss Rev falls asleep in a cadet’s bed, the cadet must find somewhere else to sleep since she outranks him. Tradition also dictates that if Reveille is in class and barks, the professor should end class because Miss Rev is bored.

Reveille IX was born on Nov. 22, 2013 in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Before becoming the First Lady of Aggieland, Miss Rev went by the name Twix — her full AKC registered name is Overland Turning Twix. Reveille IX was donated to the university by Overland Collies, an award-winning kennel owned by Marcy and Mike Fine., so 

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